Nutrition Counseling

All foods are nourishing if you eat them in the right balance and with a calm mind.

Kimberly’s practice is based in traditional Ayurveda and informed by her studies in Macrobiotics and Food combining. No one “diet” will work for everyone, what your body needs is just as individual as you are, and even your perfect diet will change over time. Your custom food plan is designed around your needs, schedule and tastes.

Our First Meeting:

When you schedule an appointment, we will discuss your history, your present eating habits and your goals and desires for the future. This conversation will help me to figure out which foods and cooking techniques will work best with your system and lifestyle. You will be surprised by the variety of health and personal concerns that will begin to heal through nutritional counseling. Our sessions will change how and what you eat which often leads to changes in how you relate to yourself and to others. Nutrition comes from both the stomach and the mind, your diet will honor both equally.

Your Custom-made Nutrition Program Will:

* Manage cravings and balance you at your ideal weight
* Cure chronic ailments with: digestion (GERD, IBS, celiac), hormones, skin conditions, blood sugar and cholesterol, allergies and asthma
* Improve nutrient absorption
* Show you how to eat at home and while traveling
* Regulate your mood, hormonal and sleep cycles
* Give you new favorite foods and cooking techniques
* Nourish your relationships and create confidence

Our Sessions

All sessions include an initial 60 minute intake and a 30 minute follow up session held 2 weeks later. Sessions can be scheduled by appointment only via Skype or phone.


SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION:  (347) 559-5601

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